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Re: Real Timekeeping

Quoth Eogan:
> Greetings uto all,
> In light of the recent discussion on leap years, leap seconds, orbits,
> rotations, and years divisible by pi, I propose my own system of timekkeping,
> which so far, has proven to be outstandingly accurate.
> When it gets cold, it's winter.
> When it's hot, it's summer.
> When it's getting colder, its (not autumn) getting near winter.

My folk refer to this time as "fading-summer" followed by "coming-winter"

> When it's getting hotter, its (you guessed it) getting near summer.

and "fading-winter" followed by "coming-summer".

> When it's dark, it's bedtime.  The sun's asleep, so why arren't you?

Because it's much too much fun to sit by the fire with a horn of mead,
a friendly wench, and good song and stories  :-).

> When the sun rises, get up.

Gods!  If only I _could_ stay abed so late!

> When you're hungry, its meal time.

Once a day, all day...

> When you're dirty, its bath time
> This system has worked perfectly well thus far for me.  Although I will
> willingly accept any changes that would make my calendar more accurate.
> Aye,
> Eogan