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Re: Next BOD Meeting

Greetings from Tibor.

Tadhg asked:
       Does anyone know where the next BOD meeting will be held?
       I hear maybe East...maybe Atlantia.

I was speaking to a Board member last night.  There are bids from Dallas,
Maryland, Chicago and Newfoundland CA, with rumors of a bid from Seattle,
and if I get my act together later today, a bid from Boston.

In my humble estimation, the bids I know about (including my own) rank out
as follows, but this is *my* guess, and not based on any inside information.

Probable No:
  Newfoundland.  To expensive during times of austerity.
  Seattle. Not likely, as it involves flying every Director.
  Dallas. Been there very recently.

Chicago. Requires that all Directors fly, and is actually far out of town.

Maryland. A reasonable chance, but requires cars and logistics.
Boston.  A reasonable chance, a 3 flights can be saved, and no car rental.

So, the Board  doesn't know, and neither do I, but here ar the rumors hot
off the presses.

	Tibor (I'd better go put that bid together.)