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Re: Gilbert & Sullivan go to Ponte Alto

> I just explained to my PC that the date and time was feb 28, 2000,
> at 11:58 pm. tick tock tick tock......
> It crossed to a date of Feb 29. I realize that is not conclusive; but
> it is all I can do from here without actually getting off my duff
> and visiting a library.
> So, it looks like I was wrong: 2000 AD is a leap year.
> If it turns out otherwise, surely by that date, PA will have a slew
> of highly expert leap year predicters who can advise the autocrat in
> time.
> We now return you to the argument about whether to argue
> about principalities.
> -Henry

Ah but does your PC have a Pentium chip in it??? (major smilies)...

As far as the whole P-Entity question goes.  I have never understood
the amount of hostility and frothing that occurs whenever this
question comes up-- and I've watched it surface twice in my extremely
short tenure as a member of the SCA lo these nine months.

I am amazed when I read some of the responses- you would think that
one's personal freedom were being threatened instead of it being
proposed that we make the great length and breadth of Atlantia a
little more manageable.

I think dividing Atlantia up into a minimum of two principalities is
a great idea just from the travel sense of it all-- there is no way I
am going to hop into my car and hob off to North Carolina for an event,
no matter how prestigious, only to have to return and make the long
arduous drive the next day or so.  And I live in Virginia.

I have driven to events in the East Kingdom that are about 4-5 hours
from here and I have gleefully run off to any event I could find that
was within 2 hours of here.  But 8 to 9 hours is right out for me.
That's a pilgrimage to Mom's house- and while Mom rates that kind
of sacrifice, travelling 9 hours to go "play" somewhere is not my idea
of fun even though driving with some of my friends is frequently the
only way I get to see some of them!

So I see no reason why we shouldn't divide into at least two
principalities- it's seems rather practical to me to do so.  It's not
about one group being more fun than another, it's not about whatever
these "traditional" hostilites are that I keep hearing about but
see precious little evidence of,  I could care less about the
distribution of peerage.  I joined the SCA because preserving
medieval society and exploring the 10th century celts was interesting to
me and sounded like fun.  I did not join the SCA to engage in
political bickering and backbiting.  I do that at work!  :-)

Could we lighten up here?  This is supposed to be fun.  Fun. Remember
fun?  This is not life and death, this isn't even taxes, it's your
HOBBY!  (Actually, for me it's a way of justifying all the money I spend
at G Street Fabrics.)

So, making new regalia could be fun, having another set of royalty could
be fun, or maybe it wouldn't make that much difference - remember when
the rumor was going around that Pennsic was cancelled and someone
said "What if we gave a Pennsic and none of the royalty came- would
we notice?"  (Some of us don't care to participate in Courts, some of
us think events are just for the fighting or the shopping and avoid
Court like the plague.)  We all have our reasons.

I like to hear the reasons- I am saddened however about some
assertions that we shouldn't even be discussing the P-Entity question.
I think we should be discussing the heck out of it!  Next....


Who works for InterCon but doesn't speak for it without checking with
the legal department first and this is not one of those times.