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Re: Atlantian problems???

>Moose Lodge/Checky House dominate the Crown lists, then generate ill will
>during their reign by playing power games that are viewed as unchivalrous.
>Bren of Elvegast

to start with i want to say that what i am going to say in no way should be 
as a flaming attack on Bren, he has just repeated what has been said before by 
many others who IMNSHO have not stopped to think about what they are saying.

since only Anton and Cuan have emerged from the Moose Lodge to become kings, 
this is not so much an attack on the household itself as an attack on Anton and 
Cuan. i know both of these knights personally and know them as opponents upon 
the list field.  i feel that i have a basis to view their behavior in many 
both of these knights have discharged their duties as king admirably, and, at 
least in Cuan's case, in the face of difficult personal and financial 
problems. they 
won their spurs honorably and in accordance with our traditions in this 
kingdom, and
they each won their respective crown tourneys in a manner befitting a 
knight. i for one
am tired of the constant and incessant cry of "Rhino" from those who watch 
if you are not wearing the armor being struck, you are not in a position to 
judge the
force of the blow. if the opponent of the fighter is satisfied with the 
conduct of the 
bout, who are you to say otherwise. most killing blows are not nearly so 
good as the great sword shot delivered by Michael to Galmr. 

as for their conduct on the thrones, i would ask each of you out there in 
what it was that you didn't like. i've discussed several issues relating to 
politics" with both of them, and many others. have you ? if you only know 
what has
been done, but not why, you are not in a position to judge that decision. 
you are not
one of the sovereigns. if you want to be one, kindly apply to one of your 
local knights
and he, or she in Fern's case, will teach you all you need to know about 
swinging a
stick. i would like to especially recommend that you take instruction with 
Sir Anton,
you'll need to know how to beat those crafty left-handers. 

i do not believe that this list is a place to snipe at households, people, 
or institutions.
if you are willing to spend the time discussing what you think the problems 
we face are,
by all means go ahead. but to hop out and take an unsupported and undignified
pot shot at someone or something leaves you open to the charge that you are 
to withstand the heat of proving yourself  in the face of evidence to the 
to call someone unchivalrous is a weighty thing, and i don't feel that the 
list is
the place to do that. you should do that personally or not at all.