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Yankees? (Was: Three Principalities, a summation)

Greetings from the slighty frosty southern reaches of Atlantia!

(Well, we got dusted with snow last night--it's already gone.... 8^( )

Kendirck wrote:
%> Now as far as your statements about Dixie.... 8^)  Didn't you know that
%> wherever you go in the South that every state north of where you are is
%> considered a bunch of Yankees?  (With the notable exception of Florida
%> where the Yankees outnumber the Rebs 8^))
%That's certainly true.  All of Atlantia seems like the north to me.
%I'm orignally from Alabama. ;-)

I seem to recall a lady from Charleston, SC telling a policeman to go ahead
and ticket a car, 'cause a Yankee was driving it.  The car had a North 
license tag.  Sometimes the mind boggles.... 8^)

Even more amused,