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Re: Atlantian problems.....


> > Problem:
> > Moose Lodge/Checky House dominate the Crown lists, then generate
> ill will
> > during their reign by playing power games that are viewed as
> unchivalrous.


> *shuffle shuffle* <delurk> Hear, hear!! *shuffle shuffle* <skulking
> back to lurkland>


Do we *really* want to open this particular can of worms on-list?  I 
mean, if you thought feelings got hurt over P-entity issues, just imagine 
what happens when you start slinging words like "unchivalrous" in the 
direction of what passes for a ruling class around here.  I'm not saying 
I disagree with Bren.  I'm not saying I agree with him, either.  I'm 
saying I foresee this thread turning intensely ugly extremely quickly.  

Not that I think many of us have ten-foot poles lying around here anyway, 
so this is probably irrelevant...

The trouble with discussing the problems in Atlantia is that someone's 
going to get insulted, and someone's going to get ticked, and this list 
is going to become even less fun than it currently is.  I will freely 
admit that at this point I read it only for the occasional event 
announcement and even more occasional repartee.  IMHO, a good unbiased 
discussion of Atlantian politics could do wonders, yes - but "unbiased" 
coupled with "politics" is an oxymoron.

Now, if anyone wants to talk about how to make period 12th century 
headgear, or wants to discuss children's activities with me, I'm all for 

						...melys, more opinionated
						than usual...

(Actually, I'm always this opinionated, I just usually have the sense to 
keep my mouth shut about it. *wry grin*)

it's always strange the heart is;
only it's the skin we ever know.  - archibald macleish