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Re: Bardic Exploits

On Wed, Feb 8, 9:20 AM, Karen wrote

<... last night I experienced a bit of an afflatus (not 
<unexpected from a Young Fart, I suppose) ;), but I seem to have <composed 
<an Atlantian patriotic ballad ... was it this realm that I had heard that 
<needed such an animal, or was it another one?  (Well, if it *was* <another 
<one, I'd have to tkae out that verse with the name of every Atlantian 
<barony in it, but ...)

<An afflatus is a terrible thing to waste

Indeed it is.  So, where is this afflatus you speak of, m'lady?
As one in the Bardic community, I'm always on the lookout for a good
afflatus.  (Hmmm...  I've used that word twice now, maybe I should look it
up.  Going to my dictionary now..... oh.)

A' the best,
Eogan MacLarmann