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Re: Bardic Exploits

And Eogan wrote:

>As one in the Bardic community, I'm always on the lookout for a good
>afflatus.  (Hmmm...  I've used that word twice now, maybe I should look it
>up.  Going to my dictionary now..... oh.)

There's *NO* afflatus like *SHOW* ... oh, never mind.  ;)

The tune is a traditional Scots/Irish folk ballad type deal, I can't 
remember which one it is, but I can sing it fairly okay ...

It's still in the Too Hokey To Post stage, though ... just as a teaser, 
I'll give y'alls the ATLANTIA-L verse ...

If ye feed on gossip, Merry Rose has the best fare:
Atlantians who've been around since when Strykar had hair,
They don't call 'em smalls here; offspring isn't underwear,
And if ye're bound for Stierbach, best not drink the water there.

That's the most disjointedest verse of the lot, most of them are a lot 
more ... "comprehensive" would be the word for it.

In terms of the G&S stuff, I'd better not reveal the minimal plot ... 
most of it is filked-up work, as in this bit, to a patter song from 
"Pirates of Penzance" ...

I am the very model of a member of the Chivalry,
My position puts me far too high to 'gage in petty rivalry,
There's nothing I enjoy more than to join in all the hack & slash,
Except perhaps a handy squire around that I can bash and bash;
In each tourney that I enter you'd agree I'm undefeatable,
But my cooking's like my armor; I declare, it's all uneatable,
Just by looking at my armor and my squire's matching livery,
You see that I'm the model of a member of the Chivalry!

*Karen ducks to avoid the rotten rattan being thrown her way* ...

You asked for it, Eogan.  ;)

Yours in Service to Evil Filk,

Karen Larsdatter med det Usigelige Efternavn fra Skyggedal