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Re: Atlantian problems.....

Greetings from Richard of La Rochelle
*Greetings from Richard Fitzgilbert,

*> Moose Lodge/Checky House dominate the Crown lists, then generate ill will
*> during their reign by playing power games that are viewed as 

*> Bren of Elvegast

*Wow! Now that's what I call a problem.  A tad short on specifics or
*examples.  But, I'm being overly critical (say it ain't so!).

Is it really a problem?  Or is it THE problem?  Or perhaps it is
demonstrative of the fact that Atlantian Crowns are barely acceptable
in attendance and that REAL LIFE constantly impinges on most people
to the point that they are unable to justify a reign.

Beyond that, why aren't there more, better fighters out there?  There
are a number of reasons for this but the foremost is simple, a lack of
practice.  Only about 2% of Atlantia's authorized fighters show up for
Crown List.

*Disqualifier: Duke Anton is one of my closest friends.

So what?  ML/HC dominates crown.  OK why? Lack of competent
opponents.  Ok, why is there a lack of opponents?  Minimal routine
participation.  Keep asking why and you will find the ultimate cause
is not what you think.  You will also be able to find answers that work.

*Correct me if I'm wrong but, ML/CH have won three crowns.  Michael, by
*himself has won twice that many and I can't count high enough as to count
*the Olcastle wins (9).  I wouldn't characterize this as dominance.  Of
*course, if you just look at recent history it looks more that way.

Recent history is very important because that is what determines the trend.

*Now if you want to concentrate on Duke Anton's authoritative style.  I,
*and Anton too (probably), would agree with you.  There might have been
*times when he did the right thing the wrong way.  Which can be as bad as
*doing the wrong thing.

Silly Hu-mans.....:-)
*You might wonder how things like this happen.  I'd like to point out the
*time pressures that Crowns are under.  Six months is way too long and way
*too short.  This causes different Crowns to react different ways.  Many
*tend to let things lie and make the mistake of passing problems to their
*sucessors without at least staring to address the issues.  Anton, and
*others, would rather do the reverse.  Hurry a solution, so that the problem 

*is put to bed before the end of their reign.  Sometimes speed kills.


I think I kinda gotta go along with HG Richard on this one.  Serious 
are best left to the real bureaucrats like the Seneschals if one can avoid 
because they will be around long enough to track them to a conclusion.  If a 

problem is big that requires Royal Intervention, its best that the 
Princelings get cracking with the King and the Curia quickly.  Remember that 
HG is His Grace
for a reason.  Experience is the best teacher.