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Herald's Handbook

'Eddo, I'm a mutated AnTirian newbie seeking to become part 'o zee fold
of loyal Atlantians. In the deep recesses of history I lurked among the
SCAheralds mailing list (and almost drowned in mail) and dared to ask a
question of those almighty, resolute, heraldric deities.

I asked for a good heraldric text (for you see, I wish to someday aspire
to that lofty position ;) and after giving me their long list of
opinions, many (well, one anyway) belted out "but the best SCA heraldic
resource is: The Atlantian Herald's Handbook".

Perhaps I may consider my self most lucky to be actually immigrating to
the area! So I most politely inquire, where may I find such a tome and
how much might it cost? Perhaps even a hint of what hidden knowledge may
lie therein???

Sorry for the wasted bandwidth, but it just isn't fun belting out one
sentence with so much grace. ;)

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