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Can o' Worms

> Moose Lodge/Checky ...... unchivalrous.

Ummm. Okay, fine. Look, no offense intended; but, I have to read this list
as part of my job as UA Chancellor. Sometimes that is great fun; sometimes
it is not. I feel strongly that the Great Principality Debate is about to
slide out of the gray area of time-consuming into the black region of 

I _humbly_ request that anyone continuing to debate on principality issues
put the word "Principality" in their subject header. Then I can teach my
mailer to delete it and save myself some time and grief.

If a principality is a Good Thing, it will grow naturally from demographic
patterns and cultural divergence. It has been discussed into the dirt and
there exists significant opposition. Fine. Put it on the _back_ burner and
let it simmer a year or two. Cultivate philosophy. Repair that broken rivet
on your armor. Something. But don't kid yourself that you can change the
minds of an entire populace (in a positive way) through enforced debate.
It simply isn't time, yet. Get it?


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