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Re: Can o' Worms

Henry Best wrote:

> > Moose Lodge/Checky ...... unchivalrous.
> Ummm. Okay, fine. Look, no offense intended; but, I have to read this list
> as part of my job as UA Chancellor. Sometimes that is great fun; sometimes
> it is not. I feel strongly that the Great Principality Debate is about to
> slide out of the gray area of time-consuming into the black region of 
> obnoxiousness.
> I _humbly_ request that anyone continuing to debate on principality issues
> put the word "Principality" in their subject header. Then I can teach my
> mailer to delete it and save myself some time and grief.
Unfair, Henry, very unfair.  I asked and I asked and I begged Richard not 
to try to bring the discussion of problems in Atlantia into the 
Principality debate.  I said it was irrelevant.  I said principalities 
were for FUN and not for solving Atlantia's PROBLEMS.

But His Grace wouldn't listen.

This is an entirely different thread that has nothing to do with MY 
principality debate.  And I'm very sorry you stumbled unto it accidently, 
but don't try to fix the blame on the principality debate and thereby 
suggest that it cause for irritation (I'm not really saying it is Bren, I 
just know others will ;-)).

> If a principality is a Good Thing, it will grow naturally from demographic
> patterns and cultural divergence. It has been discussed into the dirt and
> there exists significant opposition. Fine. Put it on the _back_ burner and
> let it simmer a year or two. Cultivate philosophy. Repair that broken rivet
> on your armor. Something. But don't kid yourself that you can change the
> minds of an entire populace (in a positive way) through enforced debate.
> It simply isn't time, yet. Get it?
Thank you for your opinion Henry.

In Service
Leifr Johansson