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Re: the principality debate

Lady Alianora Munro,

> All right, Leifr, fair enough.  Nonetheless, this little "debate" is turning
> into an increasingly tense brouhaha, and I'm not sure it's truly worth it. 

I am trying not to let the fact that the Con-P are or have been steamed 
about imflamatory retoric used by other Pro-P to be an excuse for closing 
this discussion.  I AM TRYING TO BE POLITE.  My ideas have been called 
evil, nightmarish, and a joke.  Many people seem far more concerned about 
my personal reasons for supporting principalities then about those 
reasons I believe justify principalities.  And people keep trying to 
redefine the debate, and then I getted blamed when it happens.

> I
> don't really buy the "principalities are fun" justification for creating them,
> and I am certainly and emphatically NOT enjoying the discussion. 

I certainly don't think the Fun quotient of principalities can be 
determined by the level of Fun in this discussion.

> I back
> Kendrick's statement that this is a hobby and supposed to be fun.  My everyday
> life contains enough tense discussions and ferocious debates to suit me just
> fine, and I'd prefer not to have to endure them in my spare time.  The Great
> Atlantian Principality Debate has gone on for a long time in a variety of
> different forums, and hasn't achieved anything. 

I think the debate has not achieved anything because the Pro-P let it die 
in the face of any solid opposition.  When anyone says it wouldn't be 
good or it wouldn't be fun, I feel they should be required to bring forth 
reasons too.  I have heard ONE good reason for opposing, or at least not 
joining, principalities, and it's group specific, not universal, and not 
applicable to the whole Kingdom.

> Unless someone's got a sound,
> practical reason for forming principalities, I vote for letting the discussion
> die.  It certainly isn't going anywhere.
No, I'm definitally achieving some of my goals.  There is movement on 
more than one issue.

In Service
Leifr Johansson