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Re: the principality debate

All right, Leifr, fair enough.  Nonetheless, this little "debate" is turning
into an increasingly tense brouhaha, and I'm not sure it's truly worth it.  I
don't really buy the "principalities are fun" justification for creating them,
and I am certainly and emphatically NOT enjoying the discussion.  I back
Kendrick's statement that this is a hobby and supposed to be fun.  My everyday
life contains enough tense discussions and ferocious debates to suit me just
fine, and I'd prefer not to have to endure them in my spare time.  The Great
Atlantian Principality Debate has gone on for a long time in a variety of
different forums, and hasn't achieved anything.  Unless someone's got a sound,
practical reason for forming principalities, I vote for letting the discussion
die.  It certainly isn't going anywhere.

In service,

Lady Alianora Munro