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Re: the principality debate

Lady Alianora Munro wrote:

> Leifr, you say you want to talk about principalities, not problems, yet you
> yourself brought up the issue of problems in Atlantia in the context of the 
> principality debate.  Tied into that statement was what I read (please note,
> I could be wrong) as an implication that principalities might somehow solve
> the problems.  If this is in fact the case (id est, dividing Atlantia into 
> several principalities would help solve the problems, whatever they may be), 
> I would say that the issue of problems is INTEGRAL to the issue of
> principalities, and must be discussed. 

Well, I hope I didn't bring up the idea that principalities 
would/could/should solve the Kingdom's supposed/argued/disagreed upon 
problems.  I might have replied to some posts that I don't see the 
requirement to have the principalities be a solution to a problem, to 
support or promote principality.  

> Most specifically, what are these
> supposed problems, and why would one or more principalities help solve them?

I just saw one recently posted, that I would never bring into a debate.  

> This, I think falls into the "why we need principalities" subject heading which
> was suggested for debate. 

I already gave my answer to why we need principalities.  We don't.  They 
would be fun if we get them, but we don't need them.  

> If, for example, the issue is disunity between the
> northern and southern parts of the kingdom, why would further dividing the
> regions into principalities make anything better?  It seems to me that that
> would be even more divisive.

Ah, well, that's a fair assessment.  Of course, since most of the 
opposition I am receiving is coming out of the north, I'm not sure that 
you have hit on a valid problem.  I know there are issues dividing the 
north and south, apparently.  But I also know that there are supporters 
of almost any position to be found in the north.  I can't really say that 
about the south only because I am not as familar with the south.

If I thought I could get everyone to agree on my assessment of the 
problems with this kingdom, I would certainly wish to begin that 
discussion.  I know I can't.  I am in a side discussion with three 
knights and none of them agree with me about a particular problem (I'm 
not sure they agree with me about any problem ;-)).

So it avails me little to get into a arguement about what are Atlantia's 
problems.  I would like to hear people's opinions about principalities, 
and as you point out, they have the potential to be divesive versus the 
north-south issue/non-issue.

I appologize for my sliperiness, but I have no desire to get bogged down 
on the point of problems and need for solutions.

In Service (I hope)