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the principality debate

[mentally berating self for even getting involved in what is becoming an
increasingly frustrating discussion]

Leifr, you say you want to talk about principalities, not problems, yet you
yourself brought up the issue of problems in Atlantia in the context of the 
principality debate.  Tied into that statement was what I read (please note,
I could be wrong) as an implication that principalities might somehow solve
the problems.  If this is in fact the case (id est, dividing Atlantia into 
several principalities would help solve the problems, whatever they may be), 
I would say that the issue of problems is INTEGRAL to the issue of
principalities, and must be discussed.  Most specifically, what are these
supposed problems, and why would one or more principalities help solve them?
This, I think falls into the "why we need principalities" subject heading which
was suggested for debate.  If, for example, the issue is disunity between the
northern and southern parts of the kingdom, why would further dividing the
regions into principalities make anything better?  It seems to me that that
would be even more divisive.

In service,

Lady Alianora Munro