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RE: The Principality Debate

On Wed, 8 Feb 1995 djaggard@ccmail.gsfc.nasa.gov wrote:

>      First is the fact that there was a great deal of discussion on this 
>      topic several months ago.  There seem to be two results of the 
>      discussion: those who think we talked, we decided, now let it rest; 
>      and those who don't think we discussed it enough.
I have recently renewed my activity in the SCA after a very long absence. 
and I have just joined this mailing list.  I didnot review the discussion 
that was held prior to this thread.  Does any one have a summary of the 
prior discussion?

I the old day's before stew or Dirt and before atlantia was a pricipality.
Old timers like myself would travel from Mirkwoud to Boston, Ann Arbor or 
to North Carolina on successive weekeds for events.  Now that the number 
of participants in the known world has expanded, it seems appropriate to 
breakup older groups into smaller local groups whenever the new smaller 
local units are capable of being self supporting.  In all human group 
undertakings, it seems the smaller organization are more efficient, 
offer more diversity of oportunity and responsibity, and allow individual 
more oportunity to develop their personal skills in a greater range of 

I would be supportive of forming principalities within the borders of 
Atlantia,  unless someone can show that this is not in the best intrests 
of the Known World.


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