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RE: The Principality Debate

> with great enthusiasm, they said, "Great!  When it stops being fun,
> stop doing it."  This is something that I've tried to apply to everything 
> in the Society.  We're here to have fun.  Getting worked up because someone
> proposes something isn't fun.  If you don't think we should have a 
> principality, that's ok, but there's no reason for all the hostilities
> (and I've seen them on *both* sides).  Come on people, get a life. ;-)
> The very least we can do is be reasonable.

I think that this is a problem that all of Atlantia needs to address.  
It's also the reason that Argent Company, for the most part, has 
withdrawn from activity in Atlantia, and spends more time in other 
kingdoms.  People seem to have lost the truth that we are pretending to 
be people in the middle ages and doing the things we do for the sole 
purpose of having fun, and perhaps gaining knoledge along the way, but 
it's not going to work if we start trying to address the problems within 
the SCA as if they are going to really affect reality, as in what we do 
mundanely.  Just because we have new boundaries or new areas doesn't mean 
that the world is going to come crashing down around us, to kill us all.  
It simply means that some people aren't having fun any more with the 
present situation, and this is what needs to be done to hopefully rectify 
the problem.  But it seems, these days, that if you don't have a position 
of power within the SCA, your opinion doesn't matter much anyway.

Ingelri Kelvin
Sergeant, Argent Company