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RE: The Principality Debate

     Greetings to all!
     Bertram says ...
     >  I'm not an Atlantian.  I'm from AEthelmearc, a principality well on 
     >  its way to becoming its own kingdom... but I must admit I am 
     >  puzzled by the hostility to debate about the _topic_ of 
     >  principalities in Atlantia that I'm seeing.
     I think the hostility is based on two basic points -
     First is the fact that there was a great deal of discussion on this 
     topic several months ago.  There seem to be two results of the 
     discussion: those who think we talked, we decided, now let it rest; 
     and those who don't think we discussed it enough.
     Second this is an extremely subjective topic and the discussion has 
     tended to move into logistics of achieving the goal.  For those who 
     are not yet be convinced that we want this, these discussions are like 
     putting the cart before the horse.
     Unfortunately, efforts to determine why we want or don't want a 
     Principality run right up into that subjective area.  It's much more 
     difficult to deal with, so the discussion slips right back to 
     logistics.  It's a viscious cycle - and it get on a lot of folks 
     Personally, I'm still waiting to hear from more folks why they think 
     it would be fun to do.  So far I've heard a couple of good ones - Any 
     more out there?