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Re: Do we really need a Principality

His Grace wrote in reply to me:
> > We don't need to have a NEED to have a Principality.  It seems that 
> > everyone, particularly Duke Richard, thinks that we do.  I think 
> Huh? What?  I certain do not think we need a principality.  In fact, I 
> think I can make an argument that we need to Not have a principality.

I'm sorry Your Grace, but that's a complexly constructed sentence.  It 
says that you feel that before we can have a principality, we have to have
a valid need for a principality.  And I think that Your Grace has said 
you believe a principality would not be appropriate without first showing
a valid need.
> > I think there are problems in Atlantia.  Almost everyone I talk to does.  
> > They don't all agree on what the problems are.  In fact, many people are 
> > diametricly (that's on opposite sides, Richard) opposed in their beliefs 
> So kind of you, Leifr.
Yes, a lot of people have ragged on me for that one ;-).

> > of the Kingdoms problems.  So it's almost impossible to argue 
> > convincingly that a principality would solve the Kingdom's problems, when 
> > people hold such differring views on what those problems are.
> Just state some problems.  Let's talk about them.
I want to talk about principalities, not problems.  I'll say again, no 
one agrees what the problems in Atlantia are.  Many people think there 
are problems, they just can't all agree on the list.

> > I'm in it for the fun, and the opportunity to fight in a coronet list ;-).
> Boy, a real reason.  And a good one too!  Definitely a plus.
Well, yes, I can cite a personal reason for wanting a principality.  
Thank you for thinking it's a good one.  Now can you cite a personal 
reason for opposing the principality, or the principality movement (which 
are different things, after all).

> Richard Fitzgilber
Wouldn't Gilbert be a little annoyed about you forgetting his last letter 

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