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Re: Do we really need a Principality

Greetings from Richard,

Leifr wrote:

> We don't need to have a NEED to have a Principality.  It seems that 
> everyone, particularly Duke Richard, thinks that we do.  I think 

Huh? What?  I certain do not think we need a principality.  In fact, I 
think I can make an argument that we need to Not have a principality.

> I think there are problems in Atlantia.  Almost everyone I talk to does.  
> They don't all agree on what the problems are.  In fact, many people are 
> diametricly (that's on opposite sides, Richard) opposed in their beliefs 

So kind of you, Leifr.

> of the Kingdoms problems.  So it's almost impossible to argue 
> convincingly that a principality would solve the Kingdom's problems, when 
> people hold such differring views on what those problems are.

Just state some problems.  Let's talk about them.

> I'm in it for the fun, and the opportunity to fight in a coronet list ;-).

Boy, a real reason.  And a good one too!  Definitely a plus.

Richard Fitzgilber