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RE: Three Principalities, a summation

My Lord Leifr

You wrote:
%My suggestion was, as modified by posts from some people:
%        Southern Principality:  Nottinghill Coill, Hidden Mountain,
%Sacred Stone, Drakkenheim, Border Vale Keep, Hindscroft and such other
%North Carolina shires as would be appropriate.
%        Middle Principality:  Windmaster's Hill, Black Diamond, Caer
%Mear, Tir-y-Don, Marinus, Berley Court, and such North Carolina shires as
%would be appropriate.
%        Northern Principality:  Storvik, Ponte Alto, Stierbach,
%Highland Foorde, Roxbury Mill, Lochmere and Bright Hills
%Leaving Dun Carraig and Isenfir free to poll the wishes of their populace
%on  which, if any, principality to join.

An interesting concept to be sure.  It's definitely a twist on the 
idea.  What happens to Atlantia proper?

I think the following two comments may be related, but not fully explained.

%One court baron, from the south, I think, wrote to say he considered this
%a joke.  And that it's a "Bad idea if you are serious Liefr."  I asked
%for a further explanation, but he hasn't provided it.

%Duke Richard accused me of having a bias against the boys from Dixie, but
%as Lord Corun MacAnndra points out, the Mason-Dixon line is the north
%border of Atlantia, so we are all really in Dixie.  However, his real
%point is correct.  I haven't had a lot of input from southern groups
%about the principality movement.  As I believe there is no reason to
%create a principality only in the north, I would welcome private posts
%from southerners interested in this issue.

Consider how the Peerage is distributed through the Kingdom, and these
comments begin to make more sense.  The "north" is fairly heavy populated
in terms of actual populous *and* in Peers.  I'm not sure what the 
is in the middle third of Atlantia, but the southern part seems to be both
lightly populated, and *relatively* Peer-poor.  I need to double-check, but
the only Peers in Falcon Cree are are a Pelican and a Knight, and they are
the same person!  I'm sure someone will correct me, but I think the Barony
of Nottinghill Coill itself has no more than 6 or 8 Peers.  (Now when I say
Peer, I mean the Orders of the Chivalry, Pelican, or Laurel)  The question 
if someone is a multi-Peer, do they only count as one or do their Peerages
count separately?  (Let's see:  Olaf, Thomas, Judith, "Wookie", Yonaton,
and Karl are the only ones I can come up with)  Kane and Aelfred both moved
north from us, so we lost 2.

Now as far as your statements about Dixie.... 8^)  Didn't you know that
wherever you go in the South that every state north of where you are is
considered a bunch of Yankees?  (With the notable exception of Florida
where the Yankees outnumber the Rebs 8^))

If you would send me your email address, I'll reply privately with my
opinions on this topic.

In service,