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Three Principalities, a summation

Greetings Merry Rosers,

I would like to thank everyone who talked to the subject, including those 
people who sent me private posts.  While I certainly haven't seen a lot 
of support for this idea, not many people have been willing to just knock 
it down out of hand.

My suggestion was, as modified by posts from some people:
 	Southern Principality:  Nottinghill Coill, Hidden Mountain, 
Sacred Stone, Drakkenheim, Border Vale Keep, Hindscroft and such other 
North Carolina shires as would be appropriate.
 	Middle Principality:  Windmaster's Hill, Black Diamond, Caer 
Mear, Tir-y-Don, Marinus, Berley Court, and such North Carolina shires as 
would be appropriate.
 	Northern Principality:  Storvik, Ponte Alto, Stierbach, 
Highland Foorde, Roxbury Mill, Lochmere and Bright Hills

Leaving Dun Carraig and Isenfir free to poll the wishes of their populace 
on  which, if any, principality to join.

One court baron, from the south, I think, wrote to say he considered this 
a joke.  And that it's a "Bad idea if you are serious Liefr."  I asked 
for a further explanation, but he hasn't provided it.

One Hindscroft citizen suggested membership in the southern principality 
would be more appropriate, but that's hardly a representative sampling.

Lord Evan mentioned his belief in a quad-parted Atlantia,  but didn't 
care to lay out his geography.  The rest of his post will be the central 
arguement to issue 4.

One Caer Mearan suggested that the Barony might belong with the north, 
but for practical reasons, I feel that it should be grouped with the middle.

Lady Siobhan asked me not to leave Lochmere out of my proposals, so I 
have now included it.

A Isenfiri asked me to leave Isenfir out of my proposals, so now I have.

Duke Richard accused me of having a bias against the boys from Dixie, but 
as Lord Corun MacAnndra points out, the Mason-Dixon line is the north 
border of Atlantia, so we are all really in Dixie.  However, his real 
point is correct.  I haven't had a lot of input from southern groups 
about the principality movement.  As I believe there is no reason to 
create a principality only in the north, I would welcome private posts 
from southerners interested in this issue.

Finally, there was the issue of dividing Isenfir and Black Diamond.  The 
upshot of this, is that I don't know how they want to be grouped, but 
there is no reason, as I see it, that they can't have their wishes fulfilled.

In Service
Leifr Johansson