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Re: The Principalities Debate, was: The Evil P-word

His Grace, Duke Richard writes:
> > Well, as a fellow seneschal, I have to agree that being an officer is not 
> > business, it just defines what business I'm supposed to do.  Creating 
> > principalities would reduce the authority of the kingdom bureaucracy, and 
> > thus reduce bureaucractic impact on our game.
> Principality officers will not reduce the authority of the kingdom 
> officers.  Just increase the chance for local/kingdom officer problems.

Just to provide a perfectly valid case.  Give the principality Earl 
Marshal the authority to authorize the taking and training of deputies by 
the Knight Marshals.  Now Master Malcolm mac Malcolm can apply to his 
principality Earl Marshal, and not be still waiting for approval from the 
Kingdom Earl Marshal.  Just ask him how long he's been waiting, he'll be 
perfectly happy to tell you.
> > Well, it's not pushing me.  I'm sorry you're suspicious of the motives of 
> > the Pro-P movement.  Personally, when it comes to Duchess Yseabeau and 
> > Earl Leaghaire, I try to practice the courtesy of accepting what they say 
> > are their motives, and not try to asscribe secret reasons to their actions.
> Are you suggesting that there is not a significant number of people who 
> support the Pro-P position that are motivated by a desire to insulate 
> themselves from Anton and Michael?
Is your Grace suggesting that there is reason for wanting to be apart 
from Anton and Michael?  

You once told me that I should not regard the 
Con-P as a monolithic block with only one rationale.  That there is a 
possiblity that a part of the Pro-P (okay, so it isn't a possiblity, it's 
a fact) do not approve of the absolutist tendencies of our last four 
summer Crowns, doesn't mean that I share their opinion.  Nor do I 
consider it an arguing point for this discussion.

> > True, principalities would only be insulation, not elimination.
> Principalities will not even insulate you from these effects.
Well, quiting will.  Going to only small events or household parties 
will.  Avoiding the Crown and never doing anything for your Kingdom 
will.  Does Your Grace want to encourage these things, rather then give 
the populist/parlemtarianist Pro-P an option?  Principalities gives these 
people a possible focus without hurting the Kingdom.

Am I just too kind to suggest that everyone has the right to have fun?

Your thoughts are welcome.

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