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Re: various questions....

Klaus writes:

>Carole / Margrete writes:

>>Master/Mistress is a Laurel holder (or a Pelican?)

>Laurel, Pelican, and (*shudder*) Master-At-Arm.

Why do you shudder at the thought of a Master at Arms?

>>Sir is a Knight--but what's a Lady Knight?

Just as dangerous. :-) I've never met any who didn't use "Sir."
In fact, so few of the female Chivalry used the title, that "Dame"
was recently made available for female members of the Laurel
or the Pelican.

>And by the way, Dafydd is not considered a "good" Welsh name. The 
>Consonant to Vowel Ratio (CVR) is much too low. It should be at 
>least 5:1 with 10:1 being optimum. ;) 

But that's assuming you treat "y" as a vowel. The fact that good Welsh
names have such a high CVR is largely based on widespread use of "w"
and "y" as standalone vowels in Cymraeg (sp?).

And Welsh isn't alone in this -- look at some of the Slavic languages,
where "z" is a WORD, and names like "Przypyszny" are not uncommon.

And Klaus, you forgot the other pronunciation of Dafydd: "Vainglory."
(Or was that Guido in the shiny get-up?) :-)


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be sighted in this area next weekend. Come join the Third Children's
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