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Re: The Principalities Debate, was: The Evil P-word

Greetings from Richard

> Well, as a fellow seneschal, I have to agree that being an officer is not 
> business, it just defines what business I'm supposed to do.  Creating 
> principalities would reduce the authority of the kingdom bureaucracy, and 
> thus reduce bureaucractic impact on our game.

Principality officers will not reduce the authority of the kingdom 
officers.  Just increase the chance for local/kingdom officer problems.

> Well, it's not pushing me.  I'm sorry you're suspicious of the motives of 
> the Pro-P movement.  Personally, when it comes to Duchess Yseabeau and 
> Earl Leaghaire, I try to practice the courtesy of accepting what they say 
> are their motives, and not try to asscribe secret reasons to their actions.

Are you suggesting that there is not a significant number of people who 
support the Pro-P position that are motivated by a desire to insulate 
themselves from Anton and Michael?

> True, principalities would only be insulation, not elimination.

Principalities will not even insulate you from these effects.