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Re: Atlantia's problems


> However, Anton/Cuan are good friends with Duke Michael and Earl Kane
> and Jarl Galmr.  They camp together at Pennsic, etc., etc.,.  So although
> you are right, Moose Lodge/Checky House have NOT dominated the last
> four years, the group of people who camp together at Pennsic HAVE
> dominated.
> There is no "sin" inherent in that, but it is true.
> Dafydd

Oh my goddess, suddenly I recognize this debate.  We have exactly the 
same kind of political argument going on in the ILF (Interactive 
Literature Foundation).  

Can the personal attacks please stop?  I'd like to get away from this,
this isn't why I want to be in the SCA.

(No offense to you, your excellency; you didn't attack, just clarified.)