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Re: Not about P's or R's

Carole/Margrete writes:
>What makes someone (e.g., Dafydd) an Earl?  

Earl is the same as Count.  England (the British Isles) had no "Count",
but they did have "Earl".  The lady of an Earl is a Countess.  Dafydd
is David in Welsh; my persona is Welsh and has lands in England and Wales,
so I am an Earl.

>Master/Mistress is a Laurel holder (or a Pelican?)

Companions of the Laurel, and Companions of the Pelican, are referred
to as Master/Mistress.

>Sir is a Knight--but what's a Lady Knight?

Sir.  (really).  In modern England, "Dame" is used, but in the SCA,
lady Knights prefer "Sir".  Atlantia's only one is Sir Fern de la Foret.

>Also, why is Dafydd referred to as His Excellency?  (Other than the fact 
>that he is excellent, I assume...)

Cause I are pretty damn good.  :^)  No, seriously, you call Earls, like
"your Excellency".

>And finally:  How do you pronounce Dafydd?  

DAH-vith.  Emphasis on the first syllable.  "f" in Welsh is a "v" sound
("ff" is an "f" sound), and "dd" is a "th" sound ("d" is a "d" sound).

>Just some questions from a newbie,
>Carole / Margrete

Hope these help