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Re: Atlantia's problems

Bren wrote:

> Problem:
> Moose Lodge/Checky House dominate the Crown lists, then generate
> ill will during their reign by playing power games that are viewed
> as unchivalrous.

I would like to call everyone's attention to the fact that Bren
wrote "..viewed as unchivalrous", which is a statement about how
people (the Kingdom?) look at their actions, NOT a statement about
their intentions or honour.

In response to Bren and others Lady Stephania,
forwarded with permission by Ayo, writes: (somewhat edited for space)

>intolerance for the "we'll just pass this buck on to some other poor slob"
>attitude is not a bad thing, in my opinion.

Solving problems, when necessary, is a good thing.  There are ways to
do a thing, and then there are other ways to do the same thing.

In the SCA, and especially when you are King, _how_ you do something
is often more important than _what_ you do.

>Too many new Crowns get lots of
>old problems...and when the ones that follow you are not as experienced as
>you are, it seems only courteous to try to help.

I'm sure you meant well, Lady Stephania, but this statement is rather
silly.  I have seen many Monarchs, and I have been on the throne myself,
and in my assessment Monarchs that are on the throne for the first time
often do a BETTER job than ones for whom it is old hat.  Experience as
King is not nearly as important as attitude.  There are at least as many
cases of a Monarch doing better on his first reign than on his second,
as the reverse.

>As to the domination
>theory, I think that three crowns is four years constitutes a streak, not a
>domination, and even if it did constitute domination, welcome to the fine
>world of sports.  If you choose your king by ...

Bren said "Moose Lodge/Checky House dominate ...".  You are correct, in
fact three crowns in four years isn't even a streak.  

However, Anton/Cuan are good friends with Duke Michael and Earl Kane
and Jarl Galmr.  They camp together at Pennsic, etc., etc.,.  So although
you are right, Moose Lodge/Checky House have NOT dominated the last
four years, the group of people who camp together at Pennsic HAVE

There is no "sin" inherent in that, but it is true.