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Atlantia's problems

    I forwarded the thread about Atlantia's problems(written by Bren,
    Celynnen, and Richard) to Lady Stephania and the following are her
    thoughts on the subject:

>>> I completely agree with Duke Richard.  Sometimes Duke Anton jumps,
and sometimes he lands on your head, but he really is trying to get to a
solution that is at least workable to most/all parties involved.  And
intolerance for the "we'll just pass this buck on to some other poor slob"
attitude is not a bad thing, in my opinion.  Too many new Crowns get lots of
old problems...and when the ones that follow you are not as experienced as
you are, it seems only courteous to try to help.  As to the domination
theory, I think that three crowns is four years constitutes a streak, not a
domination, and even if it did constitute domination, welcome to the fine
world of sports.  If you choose your king by one physical contest on one day,
you are bound to get streaks of winners in top form.  (See also Tennis, Ice
Skating, Marathons)  And as to power games-where there are two or more people
gathered, there are politics...
Sorry, had to rant.  You can 'net the less vitriolic parts, if you want...
>>> Nia

    I'll be happy to forward any personal replies and will definitely
    forward any replies to this list---Ayo