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Of Rhinos and Un-Chivalry

Greetings unto the 'Rosers!
Pardon my little digression, but I wanted to make some observations about
what is, at least, a local phenomenon that needs to be squelched.

Angus of Hamildone (Hamildone? I thought he was in Blacksburg...:-)
>i for one am tired of the constant and incessant cry of "Rhino"
>from those who watch tourneys.
>if you are not wearing the armor being struck, you are not in a position to 
>judge the force of the blow. if the opponent of the fighter is satisfied
>with the conduct of the bout, who are you to say otherwise. most killing
>blows are not nearly so obviously good as the great sword shot delivered
>by Michael to Galmr. 

Hear, hear! Of late, I have seen some of our new members make casual
comments to the effect of "So-and-so is a good fighter, but I hear that
he/she is a bit of a Rhino." We are a Society which is built on honor and
chivalry, and statements like this are disheartening at best and blackest
insult at worst. To say such a thing is to call a fighter's basic honor into
question, and that is a matter between the fighter him/herself and the
speaker and no one else.

And by extention...

>to call someone unchivalrous is a weighty thing, and i don't feel that the 
>list is the place to do that. you should do that personally or not at all.

What he said.

(and y'all though Sappy just roamed The Rialto...)
Duncan MacKinnon of Tobermory, who is buying Sean a shift key for Christmas