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Re: events-only list?

On Thu, 9 Feb 1995, Lori P. Walsh wrote:

> As I care not for politics, is there a possibility of forming a
> seperate list for event announcements only?
> Sidoney Maguinness
> (lori)
At the moment, netcom is so swamped with it's new NetCruiser offering
that I don't believe it would be feasible here.  We're still looking
for another place to host the list though (any takers? ;-).  The main
criteria we have for a new place to host the list, is the ability to
setup a domain name in the form of something like 
atlantia-l@atlantia.sca.org.  Also, in order to do this correctly,
the list would probably need to be moderated, and I just don't have
the time to handle a fully moderated list (especially while handling
another list.)  If anyone has any answers to the above problems, please
let me know privately by e-mail, and perhaps we can move ahead.

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