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Re: Do we really need a Principality

Milord Richard, in reply to Leifr:

> > We don't need to have a NEED to have a Principality.  It seems that 
> > everyone, particularly Duke Richard, thinks that we do.  I think 
> Huh? What?  I certain do not think we need a principality.  In fact, I 
> think I can make an argument that we need to Not have a principality.

Umm... Normally I stay out of the way when people in pointy hats are 
arguing with mere mortals (major smilies for the humor impaired here!) 
but I've seen this misinterpretation twice and feel justified in 
venturing where angels fear to tread.

Leifr's opinion does not seem to be that you think we need to have a 
P-entity.  I believe he was trying to say that you feel we need *to 
have a need for* a P-entity.  

The only reason I impose upon your patience with this humble commentary 
is that I think there's enough irritation about what people actually mean 
without bringing in unnecessary irritation over misunderstandings...

					In service (I hope!), I remain,


Angharad Melys
Sacred Stone / Windmaster's Hill