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Do we really need a Principality

Greeting Merry Rosers

I hope to see lots of good discussions about this topic, gentles.

For my answer, simply,	NO.

We don't need to have a NEED to have a Principality.  It seems that 
everyone, particularly Duke Richard, thinks that we do.  I think 
principalities would be FUN (remember Fun, guys?).  I think there is a 
lot of opportunity to make people's experience in the known world more 
enjoyable through having multiple principalities in Atlantia.  

By the way, being Con-P does not mean that you are Anti-Fun (I just 
wanted to add that ;-)).

I am not trying to find problems with the Kingdom to justify the creation 
of principalities.

I think there are problems in Atlantia.  Almost everyone I talk to does.  
They don't all agree on what the problems are.  In fact, many people are 
diametricly (that's on opposite sides, Richard) opposed in their beliefs 
of the Kingdoms problems.  So it's almost impossible to argue 
convincingly that a principality would solve the Kingdom's problems, when 
people hold such differring views on what those problems are.

I think that principalities would solve some of the problems we have with 
the Kingdom, or at least could solve them.  But I don't argue that the 
reason I support principalities is because there is some Need to be solved.
I'm in it for the fun, and the opportunity to fight in a coronet list ;-).

So, anyone who thinks there is a need for principalities, and anyone who 
thinks there has to be a need to creat principalities, speak now.  You've 
got about a week before we get to the devisive issue:

	Isn't there enough opposition to kill principalities, anyway?

In Service
Leifr Johansson