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Re: Do we really need a Principality

Due to the lack of a good scribe program, I've added my exact thoughts 
between dashes--*--


---------------  original message starts ------------------

Greeting Merry Rosers

I hope to see lots of good discussions about this topic, gentles.

For my answer, simply,	NO.

** Good...**

We don't need to have a NEED to have a Principality.  It seems that 

everyone, particularly Duke Richard, thinks that we do.

**Must not have been following this too closely - I thought His Grace was 

  I think 

principalities would be FUN (remember Fun, guys?).  I think there is a 

lot of opportunity to make people's experience in the known world more 

enjoyable through having multiple principalities in Atlantia.  

By the way, being Con-P does not mean that you are Anti-Fun (I just 

wanted to add that ;-)).


I am not trying to find problems with the Kingdom to justify the creation 

of principalities.

**But he will list a few anyway, right?**

I think there are problems in Atlantia.  Almost everyone I talk to does.  

They don't all agree on what the problems are.  In fact, many people are 

diametrically (that's on opposite sides, Richard)

**damn, slamming a Duke - what's this society coming to anyway?**

 opposed in their beliefs 

of the Kingdoms problems.  So it's almost impossible to argue 

convincingly that a principality would solve the Kingdom's problems, when 

people hold such differing views on what those problems are.

** Huh - no specific problems listed so far.  Must be trying to kill this 
as an issue.**

I think that principalities would solve some of the problems we have with 

the Kingdom, or at least could solve them.  But I don't argue that the 

reason I support principalities is because there is some Need to be 

I'm in it for the fun,

** Yup, denial sets in **

 and the opportunity to fight in a coronet list ;-).

**Ahah!  A coronet list, huh?**

So, anyone who thinks there is a need for principalities, and anyone who 

thinks there has to be a need to create principalities, speak now.  

got about a week before we get to the divisive issue:

** Nope, no need.  Principalities are the first step to becoming a 
kingdom.  It would probably start a big fight over the name Atlantia too 
- who gets to keep the name?**

	Isn't there enough opposition to kill principalities, anyway?

** In only a week - gee, I wonder how I'm going to answer this with this 
awful email program we're using**

In Service

Leifr Johansson

--------------- end original message ------------------

My apologies to those gentles who found this hard to read.  I will do 
what I can to improve on the method.  Until then, A Toast To The Dream,

Uther Quietnoise, 

WindMaster's Hill