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Shameless Plug!

     The lovely autocrat, Baroness Inez has requested I make another 
     shameless plug for Lochmere's dance event next Saturday.
     We locals love this event because it is small, friendly, and we really 
     do dance!  Lord Xenophon is producing some of his specialities from 
     his many travels - don't let his thinness fool you, this man knows 
     good food!
     The event is located easily off of 95 in downtown Laurel, MD (future 
     home of the Redskins!?!).
     There is still time, and still room so look to the announcement below 
     for who to contact!
     Midwinter Dance Revel
     18 February 95
     It is the midst of Winter and the snow falls all around.  The cold 
     wind blows across your estate and your fire cannot lift the chill from 
     your bones....  
     Then suddenly, you remember your friends in the Barony of Lochmere are 
     holding their MID WINTER DANCE REVEL!  Just what the good apothecary 
     ordered to shake off the doldrums of Winter.  So come share our hearth 
     and bask in the warmth of good friends, good food, and great 
     This event will take place at St. Philip's Episcopal Church in Laurel, 
     Maryland, on February 18th.  The site opens at 11 AM and closes at 10 
     There will be music, dance, games, and activities to entertain even 
     the most sorrowful of spirits in the kingdom.  There will be a 
     competition of "Medieval Pursuit of Trivia," where even the most avid 
     historians will be tested to limit of their knowledge!  Teams (three 
     players or less, please) and individuals are encouraged to 
     The day's events will culminate in a breath-taking feast in the 
     Lochmere tradition of excellence, cooked by Lord Xenephon Vaughn.  The 
     site is discreetly wet.
     The cost of the event is as follows:On BoardOff Board 12 Years and 
     Children 6 to 11 $5.00$3.00
     Children under 6 Free Free
     NOTE: Add a $3.00 surcharge per person if you are not a paid SCA 
     Please make checks payable to Barony of Lochmere, SCA Inc.  Phone
     reservations are worth the paper they are printed on, so send your 
     reservations by mail without delay to the Autocrat, Baroness Ines de 
     Avila, mka Sofia Stachel, 7019 B Christian Loop, Ft. Meade, MD  20755. 
      If you have any questions please call before 10 PM at (410) 674-7406.
     DIRECTIONS to St. Philips:  Take the best route to I-95 between 
     Washington DC and Baltimore.  Take the exit for Rt. 216 to Laurel.  At 
     the second light, turn left onto Main Street.  Travel one block to 
     Sixth Street.  The church is on your right.