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Re: Atlantian problems.....

On Feb 8, 10:23am, Alan Davis wrote:
> Subject: Re: Atlantian problems.....
> In his reply to Leifr, Sir Duke Richard sayeth :
> >Greetings from Richard,
> >
> >Leifr wrote:
> ....
> >> of the Kingdoms problems.  So it's almost impossible to argue
> >> convincingly that a principality would solve the Kingdom's problems, when
> >> people hold such differring views on what those problems are.

> Problem:
> Moose Lodge/Checky House dominate the Crown lists, then generate ill will
> during their reign by playing power games that are viewed as unchivalrous.
> --
> Bren of Elvegast

Hi there
question I have been out of it for a year or so if would be so kind(not sure if
thats the right sentiment here) as to list some examples it would help to see
the scope of your statement

thank you
Xavier(also from elvegast)