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Re: The Principalities Debate, was: The Evil P-word

Thank you Bertram, and thank you Tanner Lovelace.  Those were very kind 

Lady Siobhan, I understand your position.  Yes, we did talk about this 
subject before.  There was a lot of heat, and not much light, and many 
people made up their minds.  

Many, however, have not.  As you point out, I am starting with how, 
rather then why.  I believe How is very important.

I don't want to split the Kingdom of Atlantia.  This makes me different 
then some Pro-P, I believe.  How principalities come about is very 
important to whether they will cause a division of the Kingdom.  So for 
now, I am focusing on How.

I am sure we can get to why, and I think your five personal reasons idea 
is very merited.

Thank you all for your patience and attention.  I hope you will give time 
to consider the substance of these discussions, as I do.

In service
Leifr Johansson