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title help

I am going to be the snooty italian chamberlain for House dei Brachi (sp)
at Games Tourney. I hope to add some value to the event with some
schtick, using Giovanni Marandino, my old sleazy Ponte Alto persona.

I need some technical assistance:

Italian for "lord" and "lady", singular and plural, with pronunciation.

Likewise I need a m/f pair of higher ranking Italian titles, avoiding 
anything that sounds like baron, count, knight, duke, etc. It can MEAN
any of those things as long as it is not an often-used title that would
confuse the casual SCAdian into thinking the titles were real. If you know
something that would help there, I would be in your debt. Oh, and I need the 
honorific (your excellency, your grace, etc) that would go with that.

Digging deeper, perhaps the word one would use to address a servant and
a master, the equivalents to "sirrah", "sire" what have you.

Any generally useful cliche phrases would help too. "If you please"
"Please forgive me" "hurry up" "come here" etc. (too bad this isnt
spanish, I could roll my own.) Some good solid curses would be useful,

Henry, aka Giovanni, the Highest of the Low

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