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re: Can o' Worms

Hail Cheapside from Robyyan.

Klaus writes:
> Leifr Writes:
> >Fun.  I think Princes would be fun.  I think Coronet lists would be fun.
> >I think inter-principality wars would be fun.  I think that more orders
> >would be fun.
> >[...]
> Since I'm playing Systems Analyst today, a number of questions just seem to
> pop up. Think of this as the Benefit portion of the Cost-Benefit analysis.
>   In what way would a Prince/Princess provide fun that is not currently
>   available from any of the current cast of Landed Nobility (Royal and
>   Baronial)?
>  [...etc...]

Thanks, Klaus -- those are more or less the same questions I've got, but
you probably asked them better than I would have.

I'm not necessarily con-P, but I don't see any reason to have them unless
they provide a positive benefit.  So far, I don't see any positive
benefits not provided by the current structure, and I see lots of
potential for P's being negative benefits.  (Notice how I avoid referring
to problems? :-)

So, Leifr, please give us answers to Klaus' questions!
  Robyyan Torr d'Elandris  Kapellenberg, Windmaster's Hill  Atlantia
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