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Principality, reasons and explanations

Karen the very Dane-gerous has done me the great service of replying, in 
a most skillful manner to the questions of Klaus von Trollenburg (sp). 
So I can just elaborate some of the points.

> Klaus had questions for Leifr, and 'tho I am a Young Fart, I have some 
> answers to them ...
>   >In what way would a Prince/Princess provide fun that is not currently
>   >available from any of the current cast of Landed Nobility (Royal and
>   >Baronial)?
> Their Potential Highnesses could be present at events that Their 
> Established Majesties would not be at.  Are having royals at events fun?

Well, I confess I think so.  I know that I always feel that a chronic 
lack of royal visitation in smaller groups seems a problem.  Of course 
Royalty cause problems with scheduling and everything, but it's better to 
have that problem then the other.
>   >In what way would a Coronet List provide fun that is not currently
>   >available from all the other Tourneys hosted in the Kingdom?
> Is participating in a Coronet List, as opposed to, say, participating in 
> a biannual Crown List, fun?  It gives more people an opportunity to bash, 
> I should think.
As Klaus points out, there is always some other opportunity for fun in 
other tourneys.  I think Crown and Coronet lists can be fun, especially 
if some of the pressure was lifted off them.  I think coronet lists would 
lift pressure off the crown list, by giving fighters another venue for 
playing for a big prize.

>   >In what way would Inter-Principality Wars be fun that couldn't be
>   >fullfilled other events?
> Wars are fun, aren't they?  Here at Mason, we happen to have access to a 
> HUGE campground/park area that would make a FABULOUS site for a war.  
> IMHO, a war there would be more fun than any ol' College event we can put 
> on campus proper.
I am rather fond of smaller wars.  Melee tourney's don't have the same 
spiffiness quotent (IMHO).

>   >In what way would more orders be fun?
> More people could belong to 'em, I guess ... and I suppose belonging to 
> an order would be fun, wouldn't it?
I think recognition is the highest compliment and kindness that the SCA 
does.  I feel that more orders would increase the opportunity to practice 
this kindness, and would give the power to other people, namely the 
Princes and Princesses.

>   >What good for the populous do you foresee coming from principality
>   >offices that is not currently available from the current Kingdom and
>   >Local offices?
> Dunno.  Maybe more people would feel less intimidated by the office?  
> I'd imagine it would be fairly daunting to be seneschal of a major 
> five-state kingdom.
Experience and education in a less daunting office.

>   >What good for the officers do you foresee coming from principality
>   >offices that is not currently available from the current Kingdom and
>   >Local offices?
> For the officers?  Smaller area to keep track of, for one thing.  In a 
> big kingdom like this, a lot more small areas, small problems, small 
> events, small mortal-scale anything kinda falls through the cracks.  
> Those cracks would get smaller, I'd imagine, and less things'd fall through.
On the nose, m'lady.

>   >In what way will setting up principalities cause the baronies to work
>   >together?
> Goodness, is this area so disjointed that the baronies don't work 
> together?  I'm sorry, I'm fairly new around here, so I don't know about 
> these things.  But I imagine that if the outer borders were narrowed, 
> there might be a greater sense of teamwork.
Again, on the nose.

> On the other hand, having no principality might lead to interbaronial 
> events.  Has it in the past?  Has having a big area led to greater 
> alliance between baronies?  I dunno.
Well, since we can't fight interbaronial wars anymore, there won't be a 
second Spice Wars.

>   >What good for the populous do you foresee coming from the addition of a
>   >Princely court?
> Not so much more glitz, but perhaps greater visibility of glitz?  I dunno.
A chance to get closer to the Coronet then it is possible to get close to 
the Crown.  I've had one good conversation with his Majesty since he won 
Crown list.  Princes and Princesses are more accessable.

>   >What good for the "in-crowd" of the new court do you foresee coming from
>   >the addition of a Princely court?
> Tremendous good for the in-crowd, but a better point would be, do we need 
> another in-crowd?

Well, that depends on whether you're in the in-crowd or in the 
out-crowd.  An opportunity to serve a Prince you admire when you don't 
get along with the King is essentially what I had in mind.
> Eternally confused,

But we love her anyway.
> Karen Larsdatter med det Usigelige Efternavn fra Skyggedal
> Young Fart
In Service
Leifr Johansson