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New Group in the Works!!

	I would like to inform all the good gentles of the Merry Rose of 
a new group in your midst.  About 8 of us at Washington and Lee 
University in Lexington, VA have decided to form the 'College of 
Marshalls Keep' as a sub-division of the Barony of Black Diamond.  All 
we're waiting on now is the paper-work.  I've been selected as the 
Seneschalle, so if you have any folk who ask you about the Lexington, VA, 
Rockbridge County area, please feel free to have them contact me:

	mka:  Rachel Wright
	      8 Lee Avenue
	      Lexington, VA  24450
              (703) 462-4702 NLT 11pm.

	Or, during the summer, Rachel Wright
			       1834 Willow Road
                               Camp Hill, PA   17011
                               (717) 761-0550  NLT 10pm.

	Also, as a new group, we would like to start a reference 
library.  So far, a kind lady from the Midrealm donated the last 10yrs 
worth of TI!!  If you have any Oaks, or other A&S research type things 
that you could spare, we would *really* appreciate it!!  Please feel free 
to contact me at the above addresses.  Also desired are fighting manuals, 
both SCA, and period rapier manuals.  As soon as I get the TI's 
databased, I'll let the Kingdom know, and we'll send you copies of 
whatever articles you may like.  Of course, if you'd like to make any 
donations to help get our group started, it would be much appreciated.  
Please make checks payable to 'College of Marshall's Keep' and send them 
to:  SCA
     University Center
     Washington & Lee University
     Lexington, VA  24450

	(Hey, you can't blame me for trying, eh?)  :)

	Sorry I kinda rambled, but I'm really excited about this!!!  :) :)

	Antoinette de la Russe
	Seneschalle Incipient College of Marshalls Keep
	Barony of Black Diamond
Rachel Wright