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Re: Call to end the P-debate? (was Not about P's or R's)

> On Fri, 10 Feb 1995, Carole Stoops wrote:
> > 	
> > So, to start a totally new, uncontroversial subject...

  *raised.eyebrow*  *mild.excitement*  You mean I'm going to get mail
from this list that isn't kill-file fodder?!?!
> > 
> > What makes someone (e.g., Dafydd) an Earl?  
> > 
> > I've looked through all the SCA info and FAQ's I have, but can't find 
> > this.  I can account for: King/Queen, Duke/Duchess, Baron/ess, Prince/ss,
> > Viscount/ess, Count/ess, those are easy to figure out.
> > 
> I believe that Earl and Count are interchangable.  

   *grin*  Just be glad you didn't encounter a Graf first!  (Is that
spelled correctly?)  Anyone else have additional equivelent titles
they can post?  I used to have a list I obtained at University a year
ago, but its out on loan, and I don't remember who has it...
> > Lord/Lady, if I understand it, is borne by anyone who has an AOA.
> > Master/Mistress is a Laurel holder (or a Pelican?)
> > Sir is a Knight--but what's a Lady Knight?
> > 
> Still Sir, I believe, but I'm not a heavy fighter.

   I beleive its up to the individual.  I've read it as Dame, but
heard that some people found that offensive.  The one lady knight I
have meet preferred Sir.  If approached by someone with a white belt,
I think I'll call them anything they want to be called.  ;-)

> What, something not having to do with powers and principalities!!!!
> Quick, jump on it, keep it going, overwhelm the other discussions.....
> Let's take the list back by force if need be. :-)
> (Now there's an idea, a war between the pro-P people and the
> tired of hearing about P people...)

   I used to be on the fence.  Now milord, I think I will join you on
the anti-P-Debate people...
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