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Re: Not about P's or R's

On Fri, 10 Feb 1995, Carole Stoops wrote:

> So, to start a totally new, uncontroversial subject...
> What makes someone (e.g., Dafydd) an Earl?  
> I've looked through all the SCA info and FAQ's I have, but can't find 
> this.  I can account for: King/Queen, Duke/Duchess, Baron/ess, Prince/ss,
> Viscount/ess, Count/ess, those are easy to figure out.
I believe that Earl and Count are interchangable.  Dafydd, why did
you decide to use Earl instead of Count?  Or does it have something
to do with why Guido calls himself a Count, when he's never been
king before? ;-)

> Lord/Lady, if I understand it, is borne by anyone who has an AOA.
> Master/Mistress is a Laurel holder (or a Pelican?)
> Sir is a Knight--but what's a Lady Knight?
Still Sir, I believe, but I'm not a heavy fighter.

> Also, why is Dafydd referred to as His Excellency?  (Other than the fact 
> that he is excellent, I assume...)
Counts, Barons (and the female versions, too) are called their
Excellency.  Dukes, etc are called their Grace, Princes, etc
are call their Highness, and Kings, etc are called their

> And finally:  How do you pronounce Dafydd?  
Hmmm.. I pronounce it with an aahhhh sound, as in Daahhh-fid.  Is 
this correct, Dafydd?

> Just some questions from a newbie,
What, something not having to do with powers and principalities!!!!
Quick, jump on it, keep it going, overwhelm the other discussions.....
Let's take the list back by force if need be. :-)
(Now there's an idea, a war between the pro-P people and the
tired of hearing about P people...)

> Carole / Margrete

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