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Re: Principality: The whole bloody mess...

Leifr said:
> Actually, I think it can be met now.  I think a fair polling of Storvik, 
> Ponte Alto, and Steirbach, along with whatever neighbors might wish to 
> join, will meet Lord Tadhg's requirement.  These three groups have the 
> populace, the peerages, and the identity to form a principality, as well 
> as a border with AEthelmarc. ...
> these three groups are noted for creating Fun, which is another Fine 
> Product of Ponte Alto.  

Leifr, I think this is a proposal folks might be able to consider more 
reasonably and calmly.  There is a regional identity for "Greater DC", so 
how about The Principality of Nova Roma, Kingdom of Atlantia?  I like it.

Of course, I have not been here long and don't know the old angers, so I 
have no idea whether this proposal alone will generate as much heat as 
the larger one did.

Incidentally, I have reason for suggesting we call it Nova Roma.  As Rome 
(or arguably Athens) was the cradle of democracy in the old world, so 
Washington is that cradle in the new.  Also, the corruption now so 
prevalent in Washington was observed in the declining days of the Roman 

This post is Another Fine Product of Ponte Alto