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Re: Principality: The whole bloody mess...

Greetings unto ye of ATLANTIA-L!

(Wow, I've been making a lot of postings lately ... gotta getta life)  ;)

Margrete suggested Nova Roma ... I've suggested Cinturias (combination of 
"Asturias," the name of a principality in northern Spain, and "cinturon," 
meaning belt ... after all, one of the striking features of such a 
principality would be the Beltway[s], right?) ... what other suggestions 
have come up for a name, just out of curiosity?

OKAY, Asturias isn't a principality, it's that the prince of Asturias is 
the next in line to the King of Spain, like the prince of Wales is next 
in line to be King of England ... but anyway ... that's irrelevant.  ;)

But what other names have been proposed?

Yours in Service,

Karen Larsdatter med det Usigelige Efternavn fra Skyggedal