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Re: Principality: old name ...

Bob / Shinawassee writes:

>no, no, no.  not Nova Roma.  This new Principality would follow the 
>older borders of the Barony of Mirkwood.  Let's enhance the old name by 
>restoring it to it's rightful glory as the Pricipality of Mirkwood, 
>Kingdom of Atlantia. 

Waalll, now sonny... Long, long ago when I was a denison of the 
Myrkwood, I was told the older borders of the Barony of Mirkwuud (when 
it was first founded) apparently extended from the Mason-Dixon Line 
south (presumably to the South Pole). (This is why the Kingdom 
newsletter is the Acorn and not something like the Fin.) That's an 
awfully big Principality!  

(And by the way, you are NEVER supposed to spell the name of the Barony 
of Murkwood the same way twice in a single document!)