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Re: Yankee's and such

Greetings from Tibor.

Razmus wrote:
  Someone once explained to me that for people ...:
  ... in Texas, anyone outside Texas is a Yankee.
  ... in Europe (or Canada), anyone in the US is a Yankee.
  ... in the US west of the Mississippi, anyone east of the Mississippi
      is a Yankee.
  ... in a southern US state south of New England, anyone from any
      region north is a Yankee.
  ... in New England, anyone from Mass. is a Yankee.
  ... in Mass, anyone from Boston is a Yankee.
  And of course people in Boston have no idea what a Yankee is!

I also learned while I lived in Miami, that in Florida "The further south
you go, the further North you get."

And, sir, as a Boston resident, I assure you, we know darn well what a
Yankee is.  It is a terrible baseball player from NYC.

	Tibor  (:-)