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Re: Fairy Tales for Sale

>> For those wealthy nobles in the kingdom, The Washington Post had an
>> article on a couple of days ago about some real estate for sale.
>>   Germany is selling some of it's castles.  Prices quoted from the
>>  bidding ranged from $52,000 to $7.5 million.  Plus additional
>> investment pledges ranging from $98,000 to $73 million.
>>  Wouldn't it be a great site for an event to be held at!
> Having gone to many an event in German castles, the answer is NO.
  I have een to many of the castles in Germany, but not to an event in one,
could you explain why you did not like them?

Ragnar of Black Diamond

Murphy's Eighth Corollary
     It is impossible to make anything foolproof
       because fools are so ingenious.