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RE: Not about P's or R's

Greetings from Ellwood!

Carole/Margrete sez:

%So, to start a totally new, uncontroversial subject...
%What makes someone (e.g., Dafydd) an Earl?

"Earl" is an acceptable alternative title for "Count"  Others have
used "Jarl" and other various forms.  I do not have the entire list
available, but if there is an equivalent medieval title for your award
the rule of thumb is that you may substitute it for the standard SCA

%I've looked through all the SCA info and FAQ's I have, but can't find
%this.  I can account for: King/Queen, Duke/Duchess, Baron/ess, Prince/ss,
%Viscount/ess, Count/ess, those are easy to figure out.

%Lord/Lady, if I understand it, is borne by anyone who has an AOA.


%Master/Mistress is a Laurel holder (or a Pelican?)


%Sir is a Knight--but what's a Lady Knight?

     Correct.  A Lady Kinght may choose to be called "Sir" or "Dame"

%Also, why is Dafydd referred to as His Excellency?  (Other than the fact
%that he is excellent, I assume...)

Oh!  I *like* that one!  "Your Excellency" is used to address a Count(ess) 
a Baron(ess).  "Your Grace" refers to a Duke/Duchess.  "Your Highness"
is reserved for a Prince/ss, and "Your Majesty" is for the King and Queen.

Now I have a question.  The normal precedence is as follows (I think)

Patent of Arms (Laurel/Pelican/Knight)
Landed Baron/Baroness
**Grant of Arms**
Court Baron/Baroness
Award of Arms

I've been told that a GoA outranks a Court Baroncy, yet it is not necessary
to have a baroncy before having a GoA.  The GoA allows the bearer to
be addressed as "The Honorable" <insert title here> So-and-so.

Is this true, and if not, do we have a listing of precedence somewhere?

%Just some questions from a newbie,

Answers from a somewhere-in-betweener, and more questions from the
same 8^)

Ellwood - (who actually should know these things)